Student influence at Mälardalen University

“Students shall have the right to exercise influence over education at higher education institutions. Higher education institutions shall work to ensure that students take an active part in the further development of education”
(SFS 1992:1434).

Mälardalens Student Union conducts student influence at Mälardalens University and this is our main task as a student union. It is important that the students are heard through representatives in various councils and councils at the university where education monitoring is conducted.

As a member of the student union, we can also help you pursue specific issues when it comes to the education.

There are two organized forms of student influence at Mälardalens University. One is course evaluations and the other form of student influence is student representation.

Course evaluations

The most common way for you as a student to influence the university’s education is through course evaluations. In the course evaluations you can formally express your views on the courses you have taken and thus come up with improvement suggestions and feedback. This gives you the opportunity to influence the content of the courses.

Student representation

Student representation means that a student represents all students in their education, at their academy or at higher education-wide preparatory and decision-making bodies. You can read more about student representation here!

Petra Wellström
Student influence manager
Phone: 073-059 70 81