The doctoral council at Mälardalen University

The Doctoral Council is a council located under the Mälardalen Student Union and represents the doctoral student collective. The people who sit on the Doctoral Council work for the situation of doctoral students at Mälardalen University. You can read more about the Doctoral Council here.

Sandra Jederud (UKK)

+4616-15 32 34

Vice president
Todd Drennan (EST)

+4621-480 69 09

Aubrey Shenk (EST)
+4621-10 31 65

Miriam Stenbacka (UKK)
+4621-10 73 29

Ester Catucci (UKK)
+4621-10 15 93

Emmie Wahlström (HVV)
+4621-10 15 18

Anna Hjalmarsson (HVV)
+4616-15 51 66

Victor Azamfirei (IDT)
+4616-15 36 27

Viktorija Badasjane (IDT)
+4616-15 51 37

Rong Gu (IDT)
+4621-10 15 60

Membership at the student union

Doctoral students can also become members of Mälardalen Student Union and are entitled to the Mecenat card that is specially designed for Mälardalen Student Union and which contains travel discounts.

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