Student representation

It’s your right as a student to have your oppinions represented in the decisions that are taken at the university. Student representants are therfore appointed by Mälardalen Student Union. Their job is to make sure that the students voices are brought to different decision making bodies at the university. To be a student representant is a mission that gives you merit score and makes you in charge of the students voices.

It’s Mälardalen Student Union who is in charge of the student representants so if you have any questions about the mission or other practical questions you can contact our student influence manager.

Student representation at Mälardalen University

There are various bodies at Mälardalen University where students are given the opportunity to be represented. These can be divided into higher education bodies, academy councils, programme councils, industry councils and subject councils.

At Mälardalen University there are four academies where all courses at the university are included. The academies are HVV, IDT, EST and UKK. For each academy there is an Academy Council that meets twice per semester where issues regarding overall planning of education are discussed.

There are also 55 courses at undergraduate and advanced level at Mälardalen University. Most training courses shall have their own programme council, which is held by the programme coordinator together with teachers included in that training. Programme Councils discuss the whole of the programme. The Programme Council can also make programme evaluations and propose as a result of them.  Some students, usually two, who are studying the education should also be represented on these programme councils and it is desirable if those students belong to different age groups.

For the majority of the programmes at academies, there is an industry council where those working on the programme meet people from companies and organizations that have an interest in graduatestudents from the programme. It discusses the development and future needs in each industry.

What does a student representative do?

As a student representative, you will receive a fee for the number of hours you attend meetings and conduct student influence if you are a member of Mälardalen Student Union. With a focus on representing a large group of students, you go as a student representative to meetings where you represent the students’ interests, not your own. You will be invited to the meetings of the board or council to which you have been appointed. The notice will be sent to you in advance at the email address you provided.

Student influence manager
Phone: 073-059 70 81

As a student representant you get payed a fee of 120sek per hour if you are a member of Mälardalen Student Union. Our student influence manager choses the students who are fit for the job. As a student representant you get merit scores for your CV. You apply for a student representant by pressing the button above. 

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