Student influence

Student influence is the student unions main task. Therefore it’s important that student get their voices heard in different counsels and boards at the university where education monitoring is conducted. In the university law paragraph four chapter one it is stated that “students shall have the right to exercise influence over the education at the universities. The universities shall act to make the students take an active part in the work to further develop the education” (SFS 1992:1434).

There are two organizing forms of student influence at Mälardalen university. One is course evaluation and the other is student representation.

Course evaluations

The most common way for you as a student to affect the education in your university is through course evaluations. In the course evaluations you can formally present your views about the courses you have taken and in that matter make proposals for improvement. In this way you can affect the content in the courses. The course evaluations are to be compiled and are supposed to be available at the academy in charge so that every one can read them. As a student you have the right to be anonomys. 

Student representation

Student representation means that one student represents all students at their field of education, at their academy or at the universitys decision-making bodies. Students have the right to be represented in the bodies that treat errands that has to do with education or that has something to do with the students situation. Mälardalens student union, that is recognized at the university, is the organization that is responsible to chose the student representants and to ensure this form of student influence. You can read more about student representation here!

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