The council

The council is the student union’s highest authority. The  council makes decisions about e.g. the student union’s business plan and budget. Furthermore, they choose which candidates will be seated in the board and election committee. The council has seats for 20 commissioners, i.e. five students from each academy where one takes the role as president. The council meets 3-4 times a year. The meetings are evenly distributed between Eskilstuna and Västerås. The commissioners in the council are chosen during the election held in April every year. To apply for the council, you need to be a member of the student union.

All members can send in proposals to the council. These need to be sent to the council’s president at least 21 days before the next meeting. All members are allowed to attend the meetings.

The board

The board is the executive body of the student union. They make sure the decisions made by the council is followed through, and chooses candidates for the student union’s payed work.

There are four positions to apply for in the board, one for each academy at the university. The application opens in April/May every year, but sometimes there are vacant posts to apply for during the year. You are seated as a commissioner of the board for a full operational year, from June to July. The board meets about once a month and makes sure the organization is working at its best. To apply for the board, you need to be a member of the student union.

Submit a motion

Contact the board

Kim Jansson

Sam Mubarak

Jessica Tallbacka

Ardian Ajeti


Vice president:
Tommie Hultgren

Diyar Alis

Karl Tovseth

Speaker, commissioner:
Sasha Nilsson

Archived protocols

Here you will find all archived minutes for the last seven-year period. If you want access to previous protocols, please contact the Student Union at

Student union board

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