Covid-19 situation

Unfortunately, the information has reached the student union that several students have been confirmed with covid-19 within programs at the university. The spread of infection is believed to have occurred during an activity during the rookie period that has been at the beginning of the semester. The Student Union has chosen not to arrange any [...]

We are out of bicycles for autumn 20!

The bikes for the bicycle campain in Eskilstuna are out of stock for autumn 20! Every semester we get re-stocked, so if you are newly moved in Eskilstuna you can still get your bike spring 21 or autumn 21.  Thank you to everyone who has become a member of the student union to support our [...]

Information regarding Covid-19

Having a rookie period during a pandemic is a new experience to all of us; the student union, the line associations and the university. New information can spread little by little as time passes. We have by dialogue with the university received indications that a covid-19 outbreak among students is highly likely to result in […] Läs mer

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