Rookie period autumn 2020

The rookie period for autumn 2020 will not be the same as before. Due to restrictions and covid-19 we at the student union will not be able to host any events. We will help the programme associations with their welcoming of new students and support them in smaller groups. If you are interested in what your programme association will have planned for you, you can contact them in Västerås and Eskilstuna.
If you attend the rookie period we have some rules that you need to follow. You can read the policy document here.

Become a member

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Rookie period Eskilstuna:
Rookie period Västerås:
Counseling: Do you need to talk about something hard or that worries you?  Read about counseling support here.

To-do-list for new students

  1. Create a student account
    You need a student account to log in to the school computers, student portal and your student mail. You can create your account here.
  2. Registrera dig
    You need to register every course via Ladok. If you are admitted to a programme you still need to register for the courses in that programme.
  3. Order a university card
    You need this card to gain access to the premises, for printing, borrowing books in the library and to use the MDH-buses for free. You order your card here.

4. Join in on the introduction days
A few days before the semester starts there are activities and useful lectures to welcome you to the school.

5. Attend the start of your programme (for some)
In some programmes you need to attend the start of the programme. Read here what applies for your programme.

6.  Become a meber in the student union
To be a member in the student union is like studying for an exam: it’s voluntary, but smart. As a member you can maximise your time as a student.

7. Join in on the rookie period
During the rookie period there are events for everyone. Parties, seatings, competitions, pubs, movie nights, game nights and karaoke are a few examples.

At some of the activities we take a fee from participants, but as a member you always get discount. Make sure to be a member and to contribute for a great rookie period!

In regards for Covid-19 it is important to think about the restrictions that Folkhälsomyndigheten recommends, when you participate. Don’t forget to keep your distance and to wash your hands regularly.

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