Mälardalen Student Union is bigger than what may be seen. Students, staff, payed workers, voluntary workers… everyone affect how the organization works and what we do. The student union has a council, an election committee and a board. Furthermore, we have a café manager, serving managers, café assistants and kårare to make the restaurant work.

The organization is built by a presidency, several area managers and one employee. The presidency has the overall responsibility, but we all help each other to make sure everything is working properly. Read more about the different positions below.


                            Organization’s hierarchy


Ask me about: the organization as a whole, the council, the board, the election committee. / 021-10 16 74

KIM JANSSON (vice president/student influence manager)

Ask me about: student representation, rights, study environment, unfair treatment. / 021-10 16 75

Arbetsfil Studentguiden -19

The business set-up. Click for larger picture.
If you wish information in English, please contact us.

Area managers

CLARA BRINCK (work relations manager)

Ask me about: collaborations, sponsorship, showcase booking, discounts, job fairs, lectures, campaigns. / 021-10 16 76

PETRA WELLSTRÖM (event manager Eskilstuna)

Ask me about: the rookie period, bus trips, activities, LF pubs, LF meetings. / 021-10 16 28

CHRISTIAN NORSTEDT (event manager Västerås)

Ask me about: Kåren’s parties and sittningar, the rookie period, activities, LF meetings. / 021-10 16 33


Ask me about: Kåren’s restaurant business, food orders, booking kårhuset, working in the café or pub. / 021-10 15 79

TOMMIE HULTGREN (Head of International Committee)

Ask me about: International Committee, IC activities, international fadders and the expedition desks. / 021-10 14 86


Visiting address

ROGER OLSSON (accountant)

Ask me about: billing, budget. / 021-10 16 73

MELANIE CASPÁR (communicator)

Ask me about: membership, Mecenat card,, social media, Campusbokhandeln, the bicycle campaign, the news letter and markerting. / 016-15 36 02

Västerås: Gustavsborgsgatan 6, 722 18 (Kårhuset)
Eskilstuna: Smedjegatan 32, 63220 (Qårhuset)

The expedition desk’s ordinary hours

Monday: 11.30-13.30 in Västerås
Tuesday: 11.30-13.30 in Eskilstuna
Wednesday: 11.30-13.30 in Västerås
Thursday: 11.30-13.30 in Eskilstuna

At the expedition desk, you can get help with everything that revolves your membership. You can also buy tickets to the student union’s activites, buy patches or get your members’ goodie bag.

Do you need to talk stuff out? You can get free counseling through the Student Chapliancy. You can find their contacts here.

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