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One of our values in Mälardalen Student Union is creating possibilities for our students. This means that we work with several relation building activities, for example the big job fair Högvarv. Through Högvarv and other business events we organize, we want to create a space where students can create priceless connections for their future. In other words, we’re the link for students between education and work.

We offer

Mälardalen Student Union wants to give the students at Mälardalen University all prerequisites necessary to create connections for their future. For you employers, it means you can book different forms of events and activities towards students through us.


At the campuses in Eskilstuna and Västerås, we have designated spots in strategic places companies can rent. During your visit, you can choose if you need any material from us, such as tables, chairs or even coffee and snacks from our café.

Breakfast events

If you’d rather book a presentation, lecture or other kinds of morning events, we can offer breakfast events. Here. the students are offered breakfast during the event.

Lunch lectures

The most requested type of event for companies are lunch lectures. Students love free stuff! Have a lecture about your company, while the students eat a delicious sandwich and drink some coffee from our café. The event is held over lunch, which means students rarely have other lectures or seminars at the university.

Evening activities at Kåren

In Mälardalen Student Union’s “kårhus”, we offer several options. If you want to host a case evening with taco buffet, a presentation or a bigger event with access to a equipped stage, Kåren is the way to go. Our restaurant is flexible, and the options are endless for both small and big events.

Our fairs

In cooperation with Mälardalen University, the student union organizes several fairs. The fairs are unique possibilities to mingle with several companies, unions and future employers.


Our yearly job fair Högvarv is one of our oldest projects, and have been around in different forms since the 20th century. The fair is held in Västerås, usually around the end of February. Our showcases are booked by 50-60 companies from different lines of businesses. You can read more about the fair on Högvarv’s webpage!

Introduction fairs

Besides Högvarv, we also offer the students smaller fairs. Our introduction fairs are held in both Eskilstuna and Västerås at the start of the semesters. Their focus is to welcome the new students, and inform about the student life in general. At the fair, there are a limited set of showcases for companies that favors students at the start of their journey. Usually, the student associations and the university’s different departments (like the student health center) are present. Unions and companies with student discounts are usually present as well, to offer their benefits to new students.

Walid Alsabahi
Work relations manager
Phone: +4673-059 70 65

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