Student life isn’t always easy, so we picked a few of the most common questions regarding the student union. Did we miss anything? Let us know at info@mds.mdh.se

We have even included some information and links about accommodation and course literature.

Hope you find the answers you are looking for!

General questions

What does the student union do?
The student union does everything in its power to give students the opportunity to have the best time possible during their studies. We aim to improve education quality, uphold the student influence at MDH, organize activities and get discounts for our members. Our goal is to make our members feel safer, more independent and a part of the student community.

You can learn more about our work on student influence here Studentinflytande.

What´s in it for me if I become a member?

As a member of the Student Union you get an extended Mecenat card with national and local discounts on everything from computers to coffee at Kåren. We organize a variety of fun activities for you and we are constantly working to ensure the educational quality at the university. By becoming a member, you help us to continue the improvement of education at MDH and at the same time you get a richer, more enjoyable university experience.

Who is working at the student union?

The student union consists of a number of paid staff who are full- or part time, working with different areas of responsibility. Additionally, there are a lot of volunteer students working alongside us. Volunteers take on an enjoyable role and help us out so the student union can be there to support students. You can read more about what volunteer students do by pressing the link Engagera dig.

I have a question for the student union. What is the fastest way to get an answer?

There are a number of ways to get help quickly. Contact us by email, make sure to always write your membership number if you have questions concerning your current membership, otherwise we may not be able to find you in our system. By having your contact information such as your telephone number and your current address we will be able to get hold of you in case we have something to send by mail.

What is compulsory student union membership?

Before the semester of autumn 2010 it was compulsory to be a member of the student union. Now it is optional, but the student union is still dependent on their members in order to operate effectively.


What card do I get when I become a member?

We offer the Mecenat card as the discount-card to our members. The card is included in the student union’s membership fee of 200kr per semester or 300kr per year. This card can only be ordered through us. Another organization, Studentkort, also sends you a card when you become a member of the union. You are welcome to use Studentkort’s discounts but it is important to keep in mind that only your Mecenat card is valid as a membership card.
Can I order a Mecenat card during the summer?

Mecenat do not produce any cards during the summer, which means we cannot provide you with a card. If you become a member during the summer, your Mecenat card will be produced at the start of the autumn semester.

What discounts do I get?

The Mecenat card includes a variety of national and local discounts which may be of interest to students. For national discounts check out the Mecenat webpage. Local discounts and offers are found here Rabatter.

How do I know if I have travel discounts?

To know if you have travel discounts there should be a logo of SJ and/or SL at the top right corner of the card. These discounts are only available for those who study 75% or more.

I haven’t got the travel discounts on my Mecenat card, why?

When Mecenat gets information about your study load, they will contact CSN to find out whether or not you have a student allowance. The results of this is that some students who do not take an allowance from CSN or those who are doing their Ph.D. degree do not receive travel discounts despite studying more than 75%. Thus students who don’t have a student allowance from CSN should contact Student Services while paying for membership so we can make sure you get these discounts. Opening hours and contact information for Student services can be found in the link kontakta oss.

What do I do if I lose my Mecenat card?

At Student services, we will help you order a new card. Send an email to info@mds.mdh.se or contact us during our opening hours which you can find under the link Kontakta Oss.

How long does it take to receive my Mecenat card?

Once you have paid your membership fee, we will automatically send contact information to Mecenat who produce the cards, it will then be sent by mail to your current address. It usually takes around 2-3 weeks from when you make your payment until the card arrives in your mailbox. You can also download an electronic version of the card to your smartphone.


I have paid the membership fee but I still haven’t received my membership card?

If 2-3 weeks has passed since you paid your membership fee and you still haven’t received your membership card, you can contact us via e-mail at info@mds.mdh.se or visit us during our opening hours, which can be found by clicking Kontakta Oss. If you gave us the wrong address when you registered your membership, then there is a chance that your card was returned to us and we can then make sure the card will reach you.

I have lost my card but I need to travel with SJ, what do I do?

At Student Services, we can provide you with a temporary travel certificate until you receive your new card. The travel certificate must be taken to a travel agency before departure. Visit Student Services (see more in Kontakta Oss) to get your travel certificate.


What’s happening during the weekends?

You can see all of our upcoming events in the calendar on our homepage.

Can I participate in the events even if I am not a member of Studentkåren?

Here at Studentkåren, we do not want anyone to feel excluded, so the doors are open for everyone during all of our events. However, we hope that you as a student understand the importance of the Student Union and support us by becoming a member.

Where do I buy tickets for events?

Tickets to all our events can be purchased at Student Services or from the pub. Remember to show your membership card.


How can my voice be heard?

We want to know what our members think is important and which topics they would like us to focus on. There are several forums where you can express your opinions. Everything about our activities and how you can engage yourself can be found under the link studentinfluence.



What jobs are available at Studentkåren?

Available jobs can be found under the link aktuellt. Every spring, elections are held to recruit students to our assembly (21 members + spokesperson), board (4 members), presidents (chairman 100% and 2 vice-chairmen at 100%) and project managers (Kåren Manager 100%, Event Coordinator 100% and International Coordinator 75%). More information regarding these jobs and how to apply for them will be posted on our homepage prior to the elections.

How can I rent the premises at Kåren?

It is possible for companies to rent the Kåren premises for various events. Kåren is a perfcet place for  events like business parties, lectures or fashion parades. If you are interested in renting Kåren’s premises, contact restaurang@mds.mdh.se.


Mälardalen University offers an accommodation assurance to its newly moved national students; something the student union works hard to ensure.

Do you study in Eskilstuna? Contact Bostad Eskilstuna. If you study in Västerås, you can get in touch with Bostad Västerås.

Are you an international student? Please follow the instructions sent to you by the university.

You can read more about the accommodation assurance here.

Course literature

Books are a huge cost for students.  You can find several different groups selling second-hand literature on Facebook. Contact us if you need help finding the right group!

Aside from Facebook, we recommend the following websites to find the best prices.


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