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Work at the student union? The student union belongs to you, which means your involvement is priceless to us. You get some great experience, a whole lot of fun and a community with other dedicated students. There are several ways to get involved, and we’re always open to new ones.

Work at the student union!

Did you know you can work full time at the student union? The student union has payed work where payment, wellness grant, pension and other benefits is included. Your involvement makes you one life experience richer, gives you a chance to create a big network and maybe even more important – memories for life! What are you waiting for? Apply now and work at the student union with us!

These positions are available right now

Click the positions above to read the work descriptions. Apply by mailing your cover letter and resume to

Please note that we have extended the deadline to apply to several positions. Ignore eventual last dates that have already passed.

Join the council

To candidate for the council, you need to be a member of the student union. You’re a commissioner during one operational year, from June to July. There are four seats in the council you can apply to: secretary, commissioner, vice president and president.

You can nominate yourself or another student by going to our nominee page, where you fill in the form.

The council is Mälardalen Student Union’s highest authority. The council decides the business plan and budget. They also choose whom should be seated in the board and election committee.

The council has seats for 20 commissioners, that is five students from the different academies and one gets the role as president. The council meets three to four times a year, divided evenly between Eskilstuna and Västerås. The commissioners are chosen during the election in April each year.

Being a commissioner is voluntary work, but makes you eligible for an entrance pass to Kåren’s evening activities. You also get an expanded network, a new life experience and referees to your resume.

Influence the council

All members can send in proposals to the council. They need to be sent in at least 21 days before the next meeting. All members are also allowed to attend the meetings.

You may use the form below to send in your suggestions.

Contact the council




Join the board

Apply to the board by mailing In the e-mail, write which academy you belong to and motivate why you’re applying and what you can do for the board. Tell us a bit about yourself.

The board is Mälardalen Student Union’s executive body. They make sure the decisions made by the council is followed through, and chooses candidates for the student union’s payed work.

There are four positions to apply for in the board, one for each academy at the university. The application opens in April/May every year, but sometimes there are vacant posts to apply for during the year. You are seated as a commissioner of the board for a full operational year, from June to July. The board meets about once a month and makes sure the organization is working at its best. To apply for the board, you need to be a member of the student union.

This is voluntary work, but makes you eligible for an entrance pass to Kåren’s evening activities. You also get a broader network, new life experiences and references for your resume.

Join the election committee

Apply by sending an e-mail to and introduce yourself with a motivation to what you can do for the election committee.

The election committee handles the election and all the applications and nominations to the council, the board, the election committee and payed workers. The election committee makes sure there are candidates available for all missions and payed work, and does interviews with the candidates.

The election committee is chosen by the council. The work is done mostly during spring when it’s time for election to the council, but it also requires searching for candidates during other times when needed. You need to be a member of the student union to be in the election committee.

This is voluntary work, but you get an expanded network, new life experiences and references to your resume.

Kåren in Västerås is a café, pub and nightclub run by students – both volunteers and paid. We are dependent on volunteers to be able to open in the evenings so that we can welcome you and your friends.

A Kårare is a person that helps during pub nights and nightclub events, with everything from cooking, bartending and cleaning, to operating the cloakroom. Kårare are volunteers and don’t get paid, but do get benefits like free food during the shift and discounts. The kårare also have a lot of fun and get to meet a lot of people. Every student should try to volunteer at least once to have that experience! Kåren always needs volunteers so don’t hesitate to contact Kåren’s manager. They will be able to arrange for you to come one evening.

Driven kårare can apply to become an evening manager (kvällsansvariga). Evening managers hold their positions for one year and are selected twice a year. They are responsible for running Kåren one evening per week. They act as managers, instructors and coordinators for the evening’s volunteers and are paid.

Our café is open during the day and the café manager works full-time. They appoint the attending staff all year round. The café staff are paid per shift.

If you have any questions regarding the day and evening businesses, please contact Kåren’s manager.

Influence your education’s quality while you earn some extra cash!

It’s your right as a student to have your opinions represented in the university’s decision making. That’s why Mälardalen Student Union chooses student representatives that are tasked to speak for the students. It’s a meritorious task that looks great on your resume. As a student representative, you are also payed 120 SEK an hour if you’re also a member of Mälardalen Student Union.

To become a student representative, you need to contact our vice president.

We are currently looking for student representatives for the university’s program counsels. Being a part of them means you’re able to influence the quality work for the program you’re currently studying as well as getting a bigger perspective of your studies.

Mälardalen’s student union organizes the annual careers fair called “Högvarv”. At this event you can meet potential employers and discuss your future work, traineeship and internship. The goal of the fair is simply to bring students and employers together.

Högvarv is in February, but planning begins in October. We depend on motivated and committed students. Take the opportunity to sharpen up your CV and network with potential employers. You can get involved by working with the project group that organizes the fair or by working as a host for a company during the fair.

Regardless of how you want to get involved, by helping out you will get a stronger CV and important connections. Read more on Högvarv’s webpage.

The student union communicates on several formats and reaches many people. Do you have a talent for text and design?

The union can offer assignments in text and design to those of you who wish to grow your portfolio, in both digital and print media. Your work will be published and printed in large numbers. If you are interested in contributing, get in touch with the student union’s communicator at

Available positions

We’re currently looking for these payed full time positions: President, café responsible, event manager Västerås and communications manager. 
We’re also looking for board commissioners and student representatives.

Send us your idea!

If you have any creative ideas that are not listed to the left, please let us know! What should we work with? Send an email to or just use the contact form below.




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