Discounts for members

The student union loves discounts! We strive to make our members’ wallets a bit thicker than other students.Our members receive discounts through two markets. Firstly, we offer our own discounts that are both continuous as well as one-time offers through coupons. For example, we have discounts at IKEA, Publik and Tacobar. The coupons are found in the goodie bag you receive when you become a member. Secondly, we have national discounts through our partner Mecenat. The discounts are available by showing your active membership cards if nothing else is stated.

Remember that the more members we are, the higher demands we can have on the companies who give our members dicsounts. So thank you for being a member. Make sure to use your discounts!

Continuous discounts

On this page, we collect all the local discounts in Eskilstuna and Västerås. You can use the discounts as many times as you’d like unless something else is stated.

Note that the discounts only are available if you show your membership card (i.e. your Mecenat card with the Mälardalen Student Union logo on it)!


Great member discounts on drinks, snacks and lunch at Café Kåren.

10% discount on everything. Doesn’t apply to prescribed medicine. Discount available at the store in Igor, Västerås.

10% discount on all food and beverages (non-alcoholic) in Västerås, Stockholm and Gothenburg.

20% discount on one purchase at Västmanlands Lokaltrafik. You need a voucher from the expedition desk.

25% discount on a “snäcka” of your choice from Slagta Glass’s menu. Usable one time per person per visit, but can be used as many visits as you’d like.

15% discount at the restaurant at Ikea in Västerås during weekdays between 16.00 – 20.00. Can be combined with IKEA Family prices. Available until 31st of May 2020.

Members pay 300 SEK for a term membership in Mälardalen Student Sport.

Members receive a 15% discount at the green cleaning company Green thinking. 7 day guarantee after cleaning is included.

Members receive a 15% discount on repairs and service of Apple products at Redivivus.

Members pay 150 SEK for a term membership in Eskilstunas Lagom Sportiga Akademiker. This includes membership and training fee.

Dance Bachata at a discount.

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