Mälardalen Student Union is looking for collaborations with actors who in a sustainable and ethical way want to contribute to the living campus for our members in both Eskilstuna and Västerås. It is thanks to the members that the student union exists and the idea is that benefits and offers will attract both old and new members to support the business.

We who work at Mälardalens Student Union are committed and passionate about what we do. The interests of the students are always in the main focus for us and we are constantly working to develop student life on our campuses. Since the Student Union promotes increased student benefit, it is important that all the benefits that we offer are useful and valuable from a student perspective. Thus, the benefits should appeal to as large a proportion as possible of the students at Mälardalen University.


Mälardalen Student Union’s values consist of the four values of security,  opportunity,  community and professionalism. Our values guide us in all the work we do and it describes our common and fundamental values.

One of the student union’s most important assignments is to ensure that there is student influence at the university. This is to ensure the quality of the courses from a student perspective. For us it is important that it ensures student influence so the students at Mälardalen University can feel safe in terms of education, study environment and other things that affect their situation. At Mälardalen Student Union we also work with several different contact-creating activities such as the market fair Högvarv. Through Högvarv and other corporate events that we arrange, we give students the opportunity to make invaluable contacts for the future as workers. In today’s society, both the students and Mälardalen Student Union are in constant motion. We want all students at Mälardalen University to feel part of the community. In addition to all this, we always strive to deliver quality and act professionally towards the students and our external partners. In order to do this, we need to be experts in our respective fields. In addition, it is in our interest to always be able to give a personal response in the form of respect, commitment and empathy.


If you are interested in cooperating with Mälardalen Student Union or reaching out to our members by being seen with sponsorship or other student-useful information, please contact our work relations manager.

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The University Church offers call support to all students at Mälardalen University. Do you need to talk? Click here to read more.

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