It’s easiest to become a member in the student union by pressing the blue button on the right – but you can also become a member at our expedition desks.

Being a member of the student union is like studying for an exam – it’s optional, but a pretty good idea. We are more than just a student union – we are like a labour union, the tenants’ association and party planners all in one. We stand up for your ideas, help you out when you need it, manage contacts with the business world, arrange some sweet discounts, and help make your spare time more fun.

Help us help you. Become a member today!


Three years membership: 300 SEK
One year membership: 150 SEK
Term membership: 100 SEK
Support membership: 150 SEK
Doctoral student membership: 150 SEK

Support membership

Being a support member means that everyone, even if you’re not a student, can support the student union’s cause. As a support member, you won’t be eligible to a Mecenat card, but you get a support membership card that gives you member discounts at Kåren and at the student union’s events.

Don’t forget to contact us in case you become a support member online. That way, your membership card will be created and we’ll schedule when you can come pick it up.

Maria Vilmunen Pizarro
Phone: 073-059 70 16

Note that you’ll receive your membership card in the Mecenat app when you’re registered to your education. A physical card must be ordered manually after registration, if you wish to have one.

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