A review of Högvarv 2018

February 20th was once again time for Högvarv, the annual job fair at Mälardalen university’s premises in Västerås. During this day more than 50 companies put up their tables, hanged their banners, and spent over eight hours connecting with the students.

As soon as you entered the main building, Mälardalen Student Union was the first encounter who gave you the most useful goodie of them all: a booklet of all the companies participating in this fair – something to keep with you as a guide and later as an aide to potential applications.

The companies present did not fail to impress the crowd with their stands; Volvo displayed fun truck-simulators, ABB had brought the clever YuMi robot, and more than a dozen companies hosted quizzes, offering a day trip to their company as grand price –a perfect opportunity for the winner to make valuable contacts.

Nevertheless, not only the display was attractive but the content of this fair as well. Actual application opportunities in all companies were presented to all the students – from Bachelor to Master ones: summer jobs, internships, graduate/trainee programs and in some cases even full time positions, suited for everyone.

Behind all this intense one-day event was  the staff that worked for months to make this day as productive and as helpful as possible for everyone!

Thank you everyone who helped and participated and see you next year!

/ Vasja Çollaku, international student at MDH

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